Support Groups and Advocacy

  • National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation — founded by air crash survivors and family members to raise the standard of Aviation Safety, Security, and Survivability. NADA/F creates helpful documents to clarify confusing aspects of airline regulation for those who are otherwise unfamiliar with aviation litigation.  The organization also does a lot to help rally financial support for the surviving family members of deceased victims.
  • ACCESS — ACCESS is a major support network (operating both online and offline) for those who have been affected by airplane crashes and other aviation tragedies. The organization sets up events for families and provides bereavement support through the use of Volunteer Grief Mentors who have gone through similar experiences.
  • The Dougy Center — founded with the intention of providing grieving support to children and families who have lost a loved one and are experiencing serious trauma as a result, The Dougy Center provides local, national, and international services to families in need. They organize community events, provide educational resources for children, and materials to families for teaching how to get through the bereavement process in a healthy manner.

Government Contacts

  • US Department of State (Bureau of Consular Affairs) — information relating to travel crises, as well as information on passports, visas, and other matters related to international travel. This may contain helpful information those intending to travel to Southeast Asia for various administrative matters relating to the Ethiopian Flight 302 disaster.
  • Federal Aviation Administration — information on all matters regulated by the FAA, including but not limited to airworthiness directives, advisory circulars, Rulemaking documents, flight restrictions, airline certification, and safety investigations.
  • National Transportation Safety Board — information on the Transportation Disaster Assistance Division. This Division coordinates disaster response resources and works as an in-between for agencies and transportation carriers (i.e., airline carriers) to ensure that the needs of aviation disaster victims and their surviving family members are being met.

Legal Links

  • Foreign Air Carrier Family Support Act of 1997 — legislation regarding the families of passengers involved in foreign air carrier accidents. Includes provisions that compel foreign air carriers to notify family members of an accident, provide passengers lists, return possessions, retain unclaimed possessions, and consult family members about the disposition of remains.
  • Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act of 1996 — information on legislation that provides for various “benefits” to aviation disaster survivors and family members. Benefits include family support services, information on public hearings and National Transportation Safety Board meetings regarding the crash, memorial services, and more.

We Can Help

Here at Podhurst Orseck, we have extensive experience advocating on behalf of victims and their surviving family members in the wake of an aviation disaster.  Since our founding more than a half-century ago, we have litigated claims relating to over 100 air crashes, many of which developed into landmark cases that have helped to shift the aviation industry and improve safety.

Contact our firm for further assistance.  We understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and perhaps even confused about how to proceed.  Our attorneys are committed to ensuring that you are taken care of throughout the litigation process — we provide compassionate guidance at every stage.